Calculations on the mechanical strength.

Calculation of metal for strength include:

  • the application of methods and techniques of the theory of elasticity, strength of materials and structural mechanics of plates and shells in the calculation;
  • adoption of a particular method of analysis: statics, dynamics and stability.
  • Accounting for the special properties of the material. The account geometrical and physical nonlinearities.
  • calculation of the loads taken by loading conditions, using methods and programs;
  • set the properties of materials;
  • the application of analytical and / or numerical methods of calculation;
  • the use of special packages, finite element, or other programs, as well as supporting actions in a medium of universal object-oriented programs.

All features should be taken into account in the design scheme of metal structures, the calculation of loads.

Design includes two stages of calculations:

  • projecting calculation;
  • checking account.

Projecting calculation – an analysis and a series of separate local calculations, the selection of parameters and sizes based on past experience. It uses the simplified calculation methods, which do not guarantee sufficient accuracy in the space of possible solutions, but give a quick answer to the preliminary stage.

Calculation check – a synthesis of the whole structure and the effects of all structural and power factors. Usually, at this stage, a complete model is constructed metal and used a special program.

Calculation of metal structures and their elements precedes the following steps:

  • a preliminary calculation and justification of the values of loads;
  • the type of material and its mechanical properties;
  • select the method of analysis of the structure (statics, dynamics, stability);

Based on these data, the following tasks:

  • select the design scheme;
  • calculation;
  • analysis of the results of the calculation;
  • the conclusion of the strength of the structure;
  • recalculated to obtain satisfactory results.

We offer:

- calculation of the mechanical strength of steel structures.


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