Recycling of metal shavings

Recycling of the metal shaving after treatment of metal  by cutting, is one of important moments for the stable functioning of production. Taking into account that mass of metal shaving will make in the district of 10% by weight of the workpieces,it needs to be timely withdraw from each machine tool and guide for the further recycling. The metal shaving must conform to the requirements GOST 2787-75 and GOST  16482-70. The portage of metal shaving in the unprocessed kind economically is not advantageous from her low-density. Low bulk density of metal shavings negative impact on the performance of the steelmaking equipment. The values of bulk density metal shavings by groups are shown in Table 1.

Table 1

Crushing is basic method of recycling of metal shaving.  It increases mass of bulk closeness in future facilitates her remit. In the technological process of growing shallow use different type of crusher and grinding down machine. After recycling get the shredded metal shaving with suitable for briquetting faction.

Fig.1 Shredder swarf crusher type kb20 Fig.2 Exploitation of crusher

For example, One of such shredders is crusher “Swarf crusher type KB20″ (Fig.1). The performance of this metal shredder 800-1000 kg / h. In the process protracted exploitation of crusher (Fig. 2) happens the wear elements.

            Foto 1. feeder               Foto 2. chopper                   Foto 3. ring

Most of all, are damaged parts are crushed metal shavings, such as feeder (photo 1), chopper (photo 2) and a ring (photo 3). It influences on quality of processing of shaving and on longevity of crusher. Therefore with certain periodicity  are executed the prophylactic works, related to greasing, examination, replacement of threadbare elements and removal of other disrepairs. This increases the reliability and operation time of the crusher.

Fig 3. feeder    Fig. 4 chopper   Fig. 5 ring

The most worn down elements of crusher are feeder, chopper and ring. You can see created 3d models on original sizes, it is feeder (Fig. 3), chopper (Fig. 4) and ring (Fig.5). Threadbare parts of these elements must be restored to the original sizes, by different existent methods. Possible buy new details from the manufacturer, or to make them independently, appealing from domestic producers. In any case, it is necessary to count an economic value.

Fig. 6. Detailed drawings of parts crushers

For the manufacture of products, from domestic producers, it is necessary to give the detail drawing of details on sizes original wares (Fig. 6). In this case, terms grow short on making of details. It takes place due to reduction of terms of delivery and absence of passing of point of custom service.  In a complex it will allow to shorten material expenses and terms introduction to exploitation of crusher after permanent or capital repair.

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