Modernization of the autograder DZ-98

Modernization of the autograder DZ-98, which refers to the self-propelled earth-moving machinery.

The main purpose – Grader planning and profiling areas and slopes, leveling and earth moving, loose materials, cleaning of roads and areas from a snow drift. These works are carried autograder blade that hung to his frame.

Before us was tasked to modify the blade autograder, perform strength calculation of the modified blade design and design documentation. It has been proposed as a removable equipment autograder, extenders add dump.

The result was the construction of blade, consisting of three parts: the main standard blade and two Extra parts bolted. Extension part designed to increase the length of the working surface of the blade with snow removal and cleaning career road from stones.

We carried out the construction of 3d models with blade extensions.

After that, the design of the modified blade, agreed with the customer, is transmitted to the verification strength calculation. At the calculate program creates a design scheme, a given load and boundary conditions.

Was taken two types of blade loading.

The first type of loading.

The lower corner of the blade point force imitates focus dump into an obstacle with wheelspin grader.

Next, checking calculations design of the attachment Extra parts to the main dump. The results of calculations are presented graphically, with the reduced scale, which gives a mutual correspondence between colors and digital data.

Based on the analysis results of the calculation and comparison of the calculated stress with tolerance values, it was concluded that the design of the attachment Extra parts to the main dump does not meet the strength criteria.

The design of the attachment Extra parts to the main dump was completed and calculated the second embodiment.

The results of the recalculation showed that the design meets the strength criteria.

The second type of loading.

By working surface of the blade, is applied uniformly distributed force simulates the work of the grader with snow removal.

Next, checking calculations design of the attachment Extra pieces of blade, in the mode of a uniformly distributed load.

As a result, the calculation showed that the design of the attachment, Extra parts to the main dump, satisfies the criteria of strength.

After confirming the reliability of the design calculations, – development of design documentation (SB, SP and detailing).

Using many years of experience and cohesion of our team – the task is done quality and at the appointed time.


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Modernization of the autograder DZ-98


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