Creation of 3D-models

Creation of 3d-models of assembly and parts units – an essential aid in the design of products that many neglect. Based on our experience, it is a great omission in the process of creating the product documentation. Therefore, three-dimensional modeling helps to avoid many of the mistakes and make the project quality.

Usually, design errors manifest themselves in production at stages of assembly. And it says that all the details of the prototype has already manufactured, and when an error is a manufacturer incurs losses.

To avoid mistakes as much as possible, it is necessary to visualize the product. This will help you 3d model, which we will create for you as soon as possible. According to this model will be set up drawings. To all this, on the drawing view, you can display the volume assembly unit or part. This will greatly facilitate the work of the collector, as well as allow the worker, in the manufacture of parts, see the view of the finished product.

Stages of three-dimensional design:

  • analysis of design of the product;
  • creating 3d models;
  • issue of design documentation.

So what gives you the 3d modeling?

Pluses of the three-dimensional modeling:

  • imaging products;
  • most detailed mapping products on the drawing;
  • the ability to display the drawing of the cross sections of any complexity;
  • high precision dimensioning;
  • reducing the time production of working drawings;
  • the ability to calculate the model the mechanical strength of the program ANSYS;
  • Optimization product under development model.

To analyze the specific requirements of the customer to the product, we considered carefully the importance of the different criteria for product design, including: quality, price, economy of operation, size, etc.

We offer:

  • development of 3D-models metal structures (transformer, engineering, construction).

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