Designing a billboard

Designing a billboard- is the development of the design, including the inspection of the mechanical strength and the production of working drawings. In this case, custom-design construction of the billboard was designed and created 3d model (racks, three farms and panels attached to the farms).

Once passed matching design with the customer, provided in the form of three-dimensional model, we have begun to calculate the billboard on the mechanical strength. The program creates a design scheme, boundary conditions and a given load.

Design scheme. Is a three-dimensional support to the established panels. As shown in the figure above.

Boundary conditions.

Supports billboard mounted on the three linear displacements corresponding bolting to the foundation.


On Billboard operates wind load. Wind load is applied in the form of pressure distribution on the windward and leeward surface.

Load value determined by the SNIP 2.01.07-85, (taking into account wind area and the type of terrain). Two were selected load combination with the self-weight construction.

Carried out modal analysis to account for the value of the fluctuating component of the wind load at a given height, in accordance with SNIP 2.01.07-85.

Next, run the model in the calculation of the first combination of loads, and after the second:

Obtain data on the stress-strain state of the construction of the billboard and the forces of tensile bolts.

Were also carried out the following calculations:

- Calculation of anchor bolts that billboard attached to the foundation;

- Calculation of the rollover metal attached to the foundation.

Calculations showed that the design of the billboard complies with the conditions of strength and stability conditions from tipping over under the influence of the wind load.

Based on the strength calculations, working drawings were issued billboard (assembly drawings and detailing).

We guarantee the quality and reliability made us work!


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